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Understanding the Rochester NY Property Market

If you’re looking to invest in property with the view to renting it out for profit, whether you’re a seasoned investor or it’s your first foray into the market, it’s vital you become as informed as possible. But understanding the ins and outs of property investment isn’t limited to finding out the size of the […]

Guiding You to a Profitable Investment Portfolio

The world of property investing can be extremely profitable, but it can also be a very daunting prospect for anyone who is just starting out. Even for those with some experience under their belt, monitoring, analysing, and making informed decisions on the myriad aspects of the market that will affect success or failure can be […]

7 Ways We Look After Your Property as if It’s Our Own


Whether you’re adding to an existing portfolio or are just starting out in brick-and-mortar investment, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of good property management.  Not only can a skilled manager handle headaches such as finding the right tenants, and maintenance issues can be solved straight away, they will ensure that you get the most […]

Financial Preparation for Investing in Property

There are many good reasons why you should consider adding bricks and mortar to your investment assets; however, there are a few factors you need to take into account before jumping into the market.  Here at Torres Turn Key we are specialists in property management, and as experts, we would say that the most important […]

Property Investment in Rochester: Trends for 2023


Whether you’re looking to add to an existing portfolio or are interested in taking the first leap into the rental investment sector, there’s no hotter housing market right now than Rochester NY. Property investment has long been a popular way to make your money work for you, with more people than ever keen to taste […]

A Guide to Choosing a Location for Your Investment

In places like Rochester, NY, property investment is becoming a popular and potentially very lucrative way to build wealth. But anyone considering dipping their toes into this market should be well aware that there are also pitfalls and challenges that come along with the rewards. One of the most crucial factors when choosing a house […]

How We Manage Tenant and Landlord Obligations

Whether you’ve recently acquired your very first rental property or you have a large portfolio of investments in the area of Rochester NY, property management is definitely something you should be considering. Although investing in real estate can be lucrative, it comes with many responsibilities that can quickly become time-consuming and cause a number of […]

The Cost of Living in Rochester, NY

More and more people are moving out of the big cities like NYC and into historically less well-regarded areas, such as Rochester NY. Property Management in cities like this has tremendous benefits, because people have started to see the appeal of living in a place that has plenty going for it, but coupled with a […]

The Property Investor’s Neighborhood Guide to Rochester NY

Right now there are few places anywhere in the States as sought after by investors as Rochester, NY. If you’re looking for a rental investment property – whether it be your first foray into the market, or whether you’re a seasoned pro with a huge portfolio – then Rochester has likely been on your radar […]

How We Choose the Right Tenants for your Property

In the right market environment the benefits of investing in a rental property are very attractive. However, being aware of the potential pitfalls is an essential part of making this type of investment a success. Researching and subsequently purchasing a house or apartment for this purpose are, of course, the first steps in this potentially […]