Things You Need To Know
Things you should know owning a rental property

Property Inspection Checklistrochester city property inspection checklist

View the City of Rochester’s Property Inspection Checklist for rental homes. It’s an extensive and detailed guide to their procedural guidelines in order to create a level of consistency. They may also review other aspects not listed on the checklist as well.

Lead Based Paint

In any house built pre-1978 it is assumed there is lead paint present in or on the properties, walls, trim, windows, exterior, etc. The most common areas are door trim and older windows. The city of Rochester requires a passed lead wipe test to obtain a valid certificate of occupancy, Assistance programs such as DSS, and section 8 also require separate inspections as well as passed lead wipe tests. By 4/1/10, federal law requires that workers performing renovation, repair and painting be EPA certified.

Section 8 Inspection

These inspections are HUD contracts with local housing authorities to provide section 8 voucher assistance to low income households. Inspections are performed prior to the tenant moving in and also annually. The benefit is that a portion or all of the rent is paid directly from section 8 each month.

Certificate Of Occupancyproperty management rochester ny certificate of occupancy

A certificate of occupancy is required on any building that contains residential dwelling units. One and two family structures must be renewed every 6 years and multiple families and mixed use units must be renewed every 3 years. A new C of O is required whenever there’s a change of occupancy, transfer title of a 2 family if a C of O has not been issued within the prior two years. A re-occupation of a building that is vacant for over 2 months, unless a C of O was issued with-in the prior year. The inspection is visual, including the interior and exterior. Inspectors will look at items such as; paint and trim, gutters, electrical & plumbing systems, safety features, etc.