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Howard Shapiro from Rochester, NY

I have been a real estate investor in Rochester for the past 7 years. I own 15 houses comprising of 22 rental units. Rochester has consistently been recognized by numerous national publications over the years as one of the best cities in America to purchase cash flow properties. As any experienced investor knows while cap rates of 10-20% are unheard of when we finally crunch the numbers, Rochester is one of the few markets where if managed properly,  a property can yield strong cash flow and very high cash returns. As with any cash flow market, the attraction of low house prices, rental subsidies, and high returns is compelling but the rate of success rests almost solely upon the property manager that you have selected.

To those of us who are quite familiar with this market there is no one who can compete with Nada Torres and that is why literally hundreds of investors have come to her and have remained very  happy clients for years.  I have worked with Nada since 2008 and treasure my business relationship with her. She is extremely pro-active in heading off potential property and tenant issues, has relationships within the city that are crucially important and is excellent at managing the expectations of both investor and tenant.

Nada has an encyclopedic memory of every property she manages, and is very prompt at addressing my inquiries. As a successful investor herself, Nada brings an advantage to maximizing returns that far exceeds most property managers in Rochester. I cannot speak higher praises of Nada or recommend her strongly enough. Please feel free to contact me directly and I will answer any further inquiries you may have about Nada and her services.

Paul from the United Kingdom

I live in England and in 2008 I made the decision to buy investment property in the US. I was attracted by the rental yield available in Rochester compared to what I was getting in the British property market. I could also take advantage of gains in the US Dollar compared to Sterling (the UK currency). Then there were also tax advantages on the property title based on the US legal system.

I found a UK based property agent who helped me find a property in the States and helped with the transaction. We found a property with a sitting tenant, which gave me confidence that I could expect to receive a rental income into the future. But, as this was my first investment in Rochester, I also needed to find an agent to manage the property.

Finding a good and trustworthy agent was particularly important for me, because I live in England. Unfortunately, I had not realized how difficult this was going to be. My first agent was recommended to me by the UK property agent who had helped me to buy the property. As it turned out, this managing agent was a disaster. He often failed to transfer rental payments to me and would overcharge for work done on my property. Then he disappeared, owing me a over year’s rental fees.

At this point I regretted ever getting involved in the US property investment market. Fortunately, I was then put in touch with Nada Torres. After the awful experience with my first agent, I travelled to Rochester with my twelve year old daughter to meet Ms. Torres. She took me and my daughter to meet my tenant, which I found very helpful.

I was very impressed with Nada and also very pleased to have found someone reliable, friendly and well supported to manage my property. Ever since I have never missed a rental payment, my property has been well managed, and I have had no complaints from my tenant.

Thank you Nada!

Tim from New York

We had always wanted to get into rental properties. Hiring a property management specialist seemed to be an easy and affordable way to do this. I have to say that the experience has met our expectations. Nada has allowed this venture to be both pleasurable and profitable.

We now have seven properties and Nada manages all of them. She has done such a good job finding tenants that almost half of them still have the original tenants, minimizing costly tenant turnover. She has handled them all very well and has been the heavy when needed, or offers a compassionate side when needed. If repairs are required, she takes care of them quickly but also has a good sense of how much these expenses should cost.

On the management side, it has been relatively effortless. In fact, we hardly go by the properties because we know that they are being well maintained. Honestly, about all we do is cash the rent checks, pay for an occasional repair and compute taxes and write-offs annually. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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